Questions Answers and Time Vanishing

So this week has been an adventure in what doesn’t not kill you eats your time up and you get to decide whether you want to be strong or not.  Strength comes in many forms and sometimes being strong is all about deciding not to be strong.

Monday during third period I began to feel awful.  My stomach started cramping and much to my embarrassment the only way to get any relief was to unzip my pants.  Thank goodness I had a long shirt to cover it.  It didn’t take long to figure out what was going on. I had ingested something with gluten from an unknown source which happens from time to time despite my best efforts.  I made it through the day with the pain and discomfort, but going to work at night would have been torture. So I decided not to be tough and called out.

It was probably the best decision I made the entire day.  It allowed me to get rest and do a little research on how to help heal my stomach.  Broth, rice, bananas and toast (gluten free) have been my staples and allowed me to get back to work the next day.   I am still not a hundred percent and spent much of yesterday resting, but things are better.

I was able to get a much need question about Blood Child’s publication answered and will finally be sending the manuscript off to be formatted this week.  It is so easy to get distracted by little things allowing them to become larger than life.   Strangely, while feeling ill I was able to shut out some distractions and really focus on what needed to be done.

Now, it is Sunday night. I am sitting in the dark typing while friends of mine are sacked out on the sofa and love seat.

Life is full of strange twists and turns.  Sometimes things get away from you and everything still turns out for the best. You aren’t sure how, but they do.  Right now, my house is clean and I feel good about this week even knowing that I am going into it behind.  Honestly, I could ask for more out of life, but currently I know that what I have I earned and that feels wonderful.



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Where Have All The Posts Gone?

The life of the aspiring writer is never easy. There is a balance that has to be stuck  between work, life and writing. Sometimes that balance works well. Sometimes it doesn’t.

This last month, it didn’t.  But good things are coming. Blood Child is inching its way through to publication.  So much has happened and not happened.

Last month’s blog series will continue and reviews will start again as time allows.

I have to pay bills and as summer approaches with the lean time of the year I have to concentrate on more earthly matters. The time to write will come, but mundane matters must come first.  I have to a place to live  with a roof over my head. The good news is that even if this blog doesn’t seem active there is still writing going on. I am always writing.



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Voices to Remember

Will you listen to the voices of the past or merely repeat the words of the victory?

With girls and young women still lagging behind in the sciences and engineering professions. We need to remember that although the world has changed not everyone has come along for the ride.  Even though of us that feel like we are progressive or modern, we need to think about the messages that we are sending to our youth. Because the world has changed, is change and will continue to change.

Voices that are often heard, but not listened, too.

On my Facebook Page, I asked people what advice they would give to a young woman growing up today.

Make friends who build people up, not knock people down. All of my best achievements have happened because I had support. – Michelle S.

Respect should go both ways. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not, as long as you respect the other person’s opinion. – Heather N.

Enjoy and love yourself.  - Christina P.

Don’t give in because it’s easier. Fight for what you want and deserve. – Jade P.

Do NOT stay stuck somewhere that you aren’t happy in. You always have a choice. At least try. You might like it. – Melanie M.

Today in school I asked  my seniors the same question.

 Live & Explore – Amanda

Don’t wish your years away. You’re young, live and explore – Anonymous

Don’t mess up your freshman year. – Neysha

Don’t have sex ! (If you do wear a condom.) – Anonymous

No matter what, finish school! – E

They’re words are genuine and speak to their concerns. They may not seem profound, but they are truthful and that’s one thing I believe that more women need to have to truth in their lives. Recently on Facebook, I saw an invite to a page for Women against Feminism.  And it made me wonder, why? Why make Feminism a bad word?  And maybe they don’t want it, but millions of women world-wide still do.  My students do. So long as there are men and even women out there that will openly say that they are flawed for having a baby out of wedlock, we need feminism.  As for the feminist haters out there, I would invite you to consider this definition, one my father taught to me, feminism isn’t about hate, it is about being a woman and exploring what it means to be feminine and not letting others define you.  And not saying that you can’t do something because you are a woman.

If you want to read something inspiring that also speaks to the need for feminism in this world as well gender equality then I suggest reading “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb.  A little girl who was shot for speaking out in favor of education for girls and against the oppression of the Taliban.

Or “How To Be A Woman” by Caitlin Moran who tackles the anti-feminist movement with wit and humor. Check out her interview with Terry Gross on NPR.

Both have memorable voices.

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Happy International Women’s Day

If you have been on Google today or even Facebook, you know it is International Women’s Day.  In 1908, women in New York City marched through the streets to demand shorter working hours, better pay and voting rights. 15,000 women marched that day. 15,000 women marched.  The number amazes me.

It would be another 12 years before women in America received the right to vote.

Women in Saudi Arabia still have to wait another year.

There are more facts, I could give you, but knowing the facts haven’t encouraged governments or people to change them.

Facts are suppose to be monuments to the truth. Today, we ignore the facts we don’t like or which don’t support the conclusions we hold dear. Women still get paid less than men on average. Women still face increasing rates of domestic violence in 1st world countries.

Action at always begins at home.  Women and men need to be celebrated equally for their strength and supported when they fall down. Men and women should not tear each other down to raise themselves up. Being a feminist doesn’t mean hating men or blaming them for the condition of women, today. The time for blaming each other is over. It is time for action.

Time to have conversations with each other about how to make the world a better place for everyone.  And then act on them.

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From the sick bed to the work desk…

Warning: This post is a bit wobbly and may be subject to fits of rambling thought.

This last week, I was sick with a cold so awful that all I could do was come from work everyday and go to bed. As I type this I really hope that the last of it has left my system and I will be able to handle a full twelve hours of work tomorrow as well as a cardiologist’s appointment.  My follow-up appointment is here at last and though I wish it were another day it is too late to reschedule.

Momma won’t be going with me as she has to pick my sister up from her new job. My sister and her kids moved up from Wast Palm Beach last weekend and she had a job by last Tuesday and an apartment by the end of the week.  Way to go, sis!!! I am so proud of everything she has done to make her life and her kids lives better in recent weeks.  She is one incredibly strong and stubborn woman.

There is other news, it looks like this will be my last year in the classroom for the time being. Twice my administrators have asked me how I would feel if I was placed in a position outside the classroom.  At first I was hesitant, but this might be just what I need to invigorate my career and finish other personal projects that have been left undone.  I can always return to the classroom if I don’t like my new assignment. It will be hard leaving my school and the students I have grown to love but the only constant in life is change.  And Change is coming.


The Famous Pumpkin

This was the one thing that was clear this weekend as I attempted to swim  through the mind fog created by my illness and the medicine I took to combat it.  The other thing that was crystal clear was that my body needed rest and delighted in taking it.  I had fallen asleep on my sofa using Luke as a pillow and watching Iron Chef America when Momma poked her head in the door.  I had failed to answer my phone three times so an invasion was warranted.

My nephew, Robert, and his siblings followed her in the door.  Every week for the next month or so they are going to be coming over to clean their Bearded Dragon’s cages.  Lizards generally aren’t my thing, but Pumpkin for whom my sister’s blog is named captured my heart. So now I live with one dog, a turtle, two cats and three Bearded Dragons.  Living La Viva Loca and loving it. 

And back to work tomorrow. And the day after that and the day after that … until blessed Friday returns.

Then I get to write and play in the dirt.

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It is

Love, they say should never hurt.

Never make you cry or cut your soul,

Maybe those that say it have never been in love,

Cause love hurts and burns us so everyday

Love cuts you so deep and fills you with so many desires

You don’t know which way is up

And which way to go when they sun is shining

Love hurts

Lovers twist and turn together

in pain made joyful by

pheromones and loneliness

Touch becoming intoxicating

Pain mesmerizing

when love is born

in the heat and black of night

Ask a mother holding her child

If love doesn’t hurt

The pain of childbirth is only the beginning

A child can cut their parents to the core

With a word or deed

And mend it much the same

Husbands and wives cut each other

Trying to figure out how to make

Love last through the bumps

Of marriage in the modern world

Some make it, some loose hope

But love like life contains pain

What it is, is never cruel

Never intentional cruel

But love is the pain

The sweetest most cherished pain

I know


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Women’s History Month Blog Series

Dear Readers,

As a teacher, I see the young women in my classes struggling with what it means to be a woman.  They don’t understand Women’s history or what it means to be a feminist, today.  They need answers as well as question.  As a result next month I will be dedicating the majority of my posts to topics and themes important to women, women’s history and rights.

So far, there are some guest posts in the works as well. But, I would love your voices to be present as well. Who is the most influential woman in your life? What woman inspired you?  What do you think that the young women of today need to know before they head out into the world?

If you are interested in participating either by submitting a guest post, poem or photo, just email me at – please put Women’s History Month in the subject line.

Everyone is welcome to participate.


Lu Lu, just Lu


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Book Review: A Short Story with an Excellent Vintage

MH2The Corpse Of Madeline Hill By Edward Medina

I love plays on words and people who play with them as well, which is why I always jump at the opportunity to read something by Edward Medina. So when he said he was coming out with a story for Valentine’s Day, I was ready and waiting for the Corpse of Madeline Hill to be released and late last night it was.

So here we are back reviewing new releases on Friday’s.

And what a lovely place it is.  A quaint grave yard at the end of a quiet lane. Elites buried next to no bodies with as Medina writes “No walls nor fence or gate encircles it. Whatever unrest exists here is free to come and go at its pleasure.”  And on the top of hill buried here is the tale of Madeline Hill. A tale that every ghost lover must read. It is the tale behind a mystery. One forgotten over the years not due to the weight of time, but because the story was really too horrible to retell. It was easier to try and bury it then deal with the consequences of looking the other way.

But, Madeline Hill is not a woman to be ignored.  It doesn’t matter that she’s dead. She will be heard and her revenge felt long after her death.

Edward’s classical storytelling style with its lyrical style is at  play through out the tale, although there are a few tiny bumps. This story continues his recent trend towards dark and sexy storytelling.  I love the references to wine making as well as the historical ones to the Civil War and classical themes; honor and loyalty versus self-interest and greed.

I encourage you to read this story,  because it is honestly one of the best short stories that I have read in a long time and reading it will encourage him to write more like it.  I for one would like to see a novel written with the same skill, passion and artistry that this story was written with, because honestly this story like his last short story release left me begging for more.

His decision to release it on Valentine’s Day makes it the perfect gift. You can pick up this wicked little Valentine for only $0.99 on Amazon.

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Street Paintings

Even without the Washington Monument in the background. I knew with was my home. Enjoy

Street Paintings.

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It isn't as simple as it seems to erase financial mistakes. Good intentions get you no where.

It isn’t as simple as it seems to erase financial mistakes. Good intentions get you no where.

I had the opportunity to do something today that I have been meaning to do for months. I paid off another debt. It won’t help me achieve my goal of going back to school. It was small as debts go, but I feel better knowing that this one is taken care of.

I am a long way off from being where I want to be or where I feel like I should be, but today I made a step in the right direction. I know what I want for myself and it is going to take a while to get there. It was so easy to drift off course and into the land of excuses where I lived for far too long.

Now that I am trying to do the right thing with my financial life I see how unforgiving the world can be. How mistakes snowball and people with good intentions are buried under the avalanches of their own mistakes. Yes, this mess is one of my own doing, accepting that has allowed me to come as far as I have in conquering the emotions and actions which have lead me to where I am in my financial life. Not surprisingly, I have also made improvements in the emotional and spiritual sides of my life.

Spiraling out of control or I am going in the right direction?

Spiraling out of control or I am going in the right direction?

As an American, I grew up believing the you always paid your bills and that working hard would always bring rewards, but as one of my students told me today I have just been working to pay bills. I have not been building anything, not even the future that I work so hard to assist students in building. There was this hidden expectation that I would not go into debt and if I did I could work my way out it. It was never that simple and the more I tried to get out of the quagmire of debt the further entrenched I became.

So I ran and worked always looking for an easy way out of debt.  It never happened. I never escaped.

Now after taking on a third job and wisely quitting a fourth, I am on probation. Writing whenever I can to fulfill that part of my soul that begs me to write. I know that to be a writer means that I have to write and keep writing. It means that I will literary put hundreds of hours into something that may or may not be make any money and leave me unable to pay the bills that drag me down.

Guess who is in charge of the lottery pool ?

Guess who is in charge of the lottery pool ?

Writing, however, lifts up me and offers me more substantiating hope than the lottery tickets I buy every week.


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