Back to the Grind (April Page 20)

Did you know that it is time to get up?

Did you know that it is time to get up?

Drag yourself out of bed, just two minutes after the alarm and everything starts moving. The dogs begin with their tails beating the floor until they are wound up enough to get them on their feet.  This can take any where from five minutes to thirty second depending on how long it takes your feet to hit the ground.

They wander around you as you stumble forth to the bathroom or kitchen. It doesn’t matter. They just want you to go towards the door.  If you take too long they may gently bump you to guide you where you need to go.

The daily grind always begins with the click, clack, click, click, clack of paws on payment and waving of puppy dog tails. Sometimes they have to pull you down the steps. Sometimes you go as partners, but always you go.

A New Day Another Page (April Page 19)

It seems like today is going to be a two page day since yesterday’s page was published today by accident, sorry. A page a day and no excuses. Next month, I plan to continue this exercise until it becomes a habit and that habit become the next book.

One thing I also need to do is organize my home office aka the dinning room so it works better as an office, not just a dumping ground. So a new book case and maybe a new vacuum if the old one can’t be fixed. My office needs to be a place where I can work and if I can’t work there then I will go to a bookstore or a park.

There will be lists of chores, a bad days, colds and family events and everyday I will need to sit down and write. Everyday I will sit down and write. It is the only way, I can be a better writer and a successful writer. I need to write and I will write.

This week is the last of a series of hard weeks where my weekends disappeared in the blink of an eye. Math class on Saturday, second job on Sunday and back to work on Monday. Monday’s and Wednesday’s are my long days so I write and write in between my classes.

A friend reminded me over and over that I did it. I am a published author and that is an amazing thing. I put my energy into writing the next book and the one after that and the one after that.

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Not A Real Family (April Page 18 )

He’s not your real father.  So don’t expect him to care. She’s not your real kid so don’t expect her to love you. Step-kids aren’t really kids. And Step-parents are just playing a game that they can stop at any time.

But my Papa loves me. He shows me everyday and has always got my back.

Years ago, Papa made a choice to be a father to my siblings and myself. He didn’t have to do it as I have said many times before, but he did and we are a stronger family for it.   My sister and I needed him in more ways than we can count.

Our birth father is a good man, just not an emotional one. He loves us in his own way.  Sometimes however that way is toxic to his children who want love without judgment and strings. Believe when I tell you that your kids need your love more than anything else. They need to show them how to love, how to maintain healthy relationships and how to stick with it.  They also need forgiveness and second and third chances. They need to be told no a times as well.

I know my birth father loves me and is proud of me, but there is a seed of doubt in me when it comes to accepting that it is real.

With my Papa, there is no doubt. None at all.

Last night, I was blessed to be able to take my parents out to dinner for Papa’s birthday which was earlier this week.  It was a new level of adulthood, paying for their dinner without them fretting at me.  Momma told me how proud he was of what I wrote on Tuesday and that he was going to take a copy of it to the family reunion. Some of our northern family has told him that stepchildren aren’t real kids. They have even gone so far as to tell my Papa that we will abandon him if something happens to Momma.

My sister and I aren’t going anywhere. His grandkids, his grandkids, will not abandon him. He is family and he has made us a strong family by supporting us, guiding us and loving us unconditionally.

It is sad that some people have to hate on the happiness of others. I know that our family is unique and not every blended family is like ours, but we work and we are happy. In the end, isn’t that all that should matter.

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Character Sketch (April Page a Day)

I am a coward. It is clear and there is no way to escape it. I am a coward and the people I love ignore it. No wants to admit that their relative has the spine of a jellyfish.  The coward you know, the coward who does make any waves and lives the life you expect.

Of  course, they encourage my cowardliness. You need to be careful. You shouldn’t take that risk. Or that one. Always have a back up plan.  Are you sure about that? Well, have you thought about this or that? Do you really need to do that ? Wear that ? Or be so bold ? bossy? pushy? Overbearing?

Day after day, I wake up and get dressed in my cowardly apparel.  Dress pants, a tasteful shirt, heels not too high or too short and jewelry adding just a hint of personality.  Get along and move along. Just be yourself, but not too much yourself.  Break the mold, just …

Just it is too much to be this way and too much to let go and walk away. It is all too much.

I break and then I tape myself back together again.

Day in and day out, I do it over and over again, living this prescribed life, searching for the meme that is going to set me free.

Remembrance Day

I will wear my school colors today, because to today is Remembrance Day at Virginia Tech.  In 2007, a student went on a violent rampage killing 32 people and then himself.  It was a horrible day.  The peaceful Virginia Tech campus was shattered and the world’s eyes focused in on Tech.

I am proud to say that I believe that my school rose to the occasion and showed the world what it means to believe in something more than yourself, to be a part of a community and to mourn as a community. Today is a reminder that sometimes you can’t prevent bad things, but you don’t have to let destroy you or define you.

Acknowledge it. Mourn and let yourself live.

Living is the only way to honor the dead.

Writers and Reviewers

Yesterday, there was a blog post that was making its rounds on Facebook.  The title was perfect and caught a lot of people’s eyes; Please Shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work.  And naturally spark conversation.

The gist is that you need to pull readers towards you and not push them away by always begging them to buy or to buy and review.  The need for a presence on social media and what platform to use is overwhelming. Basically, use the platform or platforms that you are most comfortable with and don’t pay for unnecessary services such as increases in Facebook or Twitter followers. There is no secret formula..

And above all.

Work on your next book, be yourself and be polite.

So, thank you for taking the time to read this and if you brought my book. Thank you, thank you. Review if you feel like it, but thank you taking the time to buy and read my book.  Thank you. It is really awesome to be a published author.

I am going to get back to work on my next book.

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Papa – The Birthday Boy (April Page 14)


Momma and Papa

When I was twelve years old, I got the very best present in the world, my Papa.  He didn’t come exactly on my birthday. I don’t even remember the exact day, but when he came in to my Mom’s life. He made sure she was in mine again. We finish each other’s sentences. And if you see a picture of the two of us, it is hard not to see his face in mine.

He became my Papa and has been a father to me for twenty-four years.  He has never played Papa, he has been Papa. He dropped me off in college and moved me to Florida when I was done. He has come to my rescue and been tough on me when I needed it.  There aren’t a lot of men like him in the world. Not only because he took on my crazy family and made it his own, but because well, there is not one really like him.  He is really and truly one of those people that you have to meet to understand.

Papa hasn’t had an easy life. He was born to a single mother in the 1940’s and grew up in poverty.  He has however tried to do his best to make my Mom’s life easy and happy. Momma and Papa are like twin suns in the universe that is my family. The world just isn’t right if one of them isn’t shining.

Happy Birthday Papa, may your light shine for many, many years to come.

3 months (April Page 13)

A new day. April 13th. Two months since Blood Child came out and I have three five star reviews, which is awesome. As of today, nearly two hundred copies of Blood Child are out in the world. It is weird, wonderful and still completely surreal.

The book is selling.  My book is selling.

I am a published author.

The reviews are good. There just aren’t enough of them, yet. It is the bane of every author’s existence. You write a good, maybe even great book and the reviews just aren’t there. It doesn’t take off.

You lose hope.

But you are a writer. So you keep on going. And going.

I am working on my second book.

My second book and it isn’t easier than the first.  It is hard to manage everything I have going on in my life. I want to be able to write for a living and the more I think about how things are going the more I know that I need to make some sacrifices. Stop working so hard on maintaining my income and do what I love.

I love writing and telling stories.  I love interacting with readers and working on this blog.

The only way to get better is to write more and put myself out there more. The only way to sell more books is to write more of them and perfect your craft.

Do what you love. Find a way to be happy today and don’t wait for tomorrow, because all we have is today.

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Pizza (April Page 12)

Dear Gluten-Free Pizza,

Please don’t tease me any more. Please don’t make promises that you are going to taste great or that I won’t be able to tell the difference. Seriously… I will know even though we both know that I can no longer have real pizza and don’t quite remember the taste of it.

I do know however what good food tastes like and please believe me that I will know the minute that I take it out of the oven if it is going to be good, bad or I can eat this.

Please let your pizza, be good. I am not asking for great. I would like a crispy crust and not to have to eat the pizza just because I pay ten dollars for it. Cause I will eat it because even my gluten free diet is not a health fad.  When I eat gluten, it makes me sick. It isn’t a fashion statement and I am not rich.

So please have done your job.

Thank you,


April Page 11

In the mix of all that life offers, it is easy to get caught up and go along for the ride. Seven hours in a math class today and my brain was real and truly fried. It crispy and crunch and best served with tarter sauce.

We all get caught up on the roller coaster of life. Sometimes it is fun. Tonight with wine in hand, I was dancing again. It wasn’t the wine, but the way that today ended that inspired the dancing. Freedom and safety cause me to start dancing. And also to sing. I don’t do enough of either these days, making a living and staying a head of the bill collector’s girl.

The spring for me is a time for balancing and balancing, a time to figure out what I need to bring into my life.  This spring, I feel the need for clarity. There are a lot of things I want and need.

Sometimes the two get confused. Sometimes, they seem like they are the same thing. Maybe they are.

Maybe by taking moments to breathe, we can figure out the difference.